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Weekly Events

If You Have Any Questions Please Feel Free To Contact Us

Monday Strength and Conditioning 

Monday 6:00 p.m. beginning Dec 1st

Monday evening will never be the same. As the season changes, its also time to change your activities. Keep your body functionally strong and flexible, while not sacrificing what you worked so hard all year long to gain.  Free to all our Winter Warriors.

   Wednesday Group Runs   

Wednesday night group runs leave at 6:00

Come join our FREE Wednesday Weekly Runs - All are welcome!

We usually run 3-5 miles and have several pace groups to accommodate any running level. These are mellow runs and NO ONE should be intimidated.  We would just love to have you come out and join the fun and learn some new running routes. 


   Wednesday Night Roller Yoga   

Wednesday Night Roller Yoga will be held at 7:00pm

A new "twist" on yoga. Cool down from the Wednesday night run or just drop in for a FREE class. The focus is on proper use and techniques of foam rollers with yoga inspired stretches.


   Thursday Night Growler Runs  

Come join our FREE Thursday Night Growler Runs - 6:00 pm

We leave Fleet Feet for a 3-5 mile run and have several pace groups to accommodate any running level. Upon return we will crack open a growler of local beer, courtesy of Growler Phil's, to celebrate your commitment to fitness.

   Saturday Morning Runs  

Saturday Morning group runs leave at 8:00am

Our Saturday group runs are FREE, informal, and open to everyone.We run between 3-6 miles and are happy to accommodate any pace group.