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Summer barefoot running clinics are postponed due to busy race schedules! check back for updates.

Curious about the barefoot/minimalist running movement?  Have you read Born to Run?  Want to try barefoot running but don't know where to start?  Learn how barefoot/minimalist running can strengthen your feet, improve your stride and help you run lighter.  Using barefoot/minimalist running the right way will help you avoid injuries so that this tool can improve your running and strength.  This popular session will be informative, inspiring and fun.

Presented by Fleet Feet Sports Bend and Rebound Physical Therapy.

Limited to 12 participants per session.

This clinic is free and includes:

This two part series includes an informational classroom session on Tuesday, covering running mechanics and instructions on safely and effectively adding barefoot running to your training.  Thursday evening is spent practicing barefoot running in Sawyer Park and putting the information from Tuesday's classroom session to use.

Who is teaching the class:

* Mike Tompkins, MSPT, Rebound Physical Therapy;
* Denny Dragan, MSPT, Rebound Physical Therapy;
* Rod Bien, Owner Fleet Feet Sports Bend, national caliber ultrarunner.

What they'll teach you:

Part 1: Tuesday, 6 p.m.  Will focus on biomechanics, barefoot running technique, injury prevention, minimalist footwear, and how to introduce barefoot running into your training.

Part 2: Thursday, 6 p.m.  Will focus on barefoot running technique in the park and on trails.  We will meet at Sawyer Park to practice running form, cadence, and posture.

Lots of questions?  Here are some answers:

1. Why would I want to run barefoot?
Barefoot running has gone from being unknown to mainstream with the release of the book, Born to Run.  People want to run barefoot for many reasons.  Some people practice it for its simplicity, while others use it as a way to build foot strength, improve overall running form, or just to try something new.

2. Do I really run “barefoot?”
That is up to you.  Most people who run “barefoot” now choose to use what is called “minimalist footwear.”  This is footwear that has no type of support inside the shoe and really is just protection and grip for the foot.  However, if you want to run totally barefoot, that is your decision.

3. Is this really for me?
Well, this is where you can find out.  If you are thinking that running barefoot is the “cure all” and that your injuries will suddenly disappear, that will not be the case.  We do believe that by SLOWLY introducing barefoot running into your training, you will begin to focus on better running mechanics that will allow you to run healthier in the long run (pun intended).  Our stance on barefoot running is that it should be used as a tool for your training and not your mainstay.

4. What can I expect to take away from this course?
We hope to provide a medically sound program that will allow you to clearly distinguish the myths from the truths of running barefoot.  Our goal is to show you a running technique through barefoot running that will allow you to become a better runner by being mindful of your mechanics, foot strike, and cadence.

5. What should I bring?
It is recommended that you have three types of footwear to participate: a pair of properly fitted running shoes, a pair of minimalist trainers, and your bare feet!

Upcoming Schedule 

We will not have a clinic in June, due to a hectic race schedule (go Rod!!).

Meets at Rebound Physical Therapy at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, and Sawyer Park at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday evening.
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Any questions?  Give us a call at (541) 389-1601 or send us an email.

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