Join the Fleet Feet Sports Bend training team – we are passionate group of run and walk coaches who help people reach their goals of running or walking a 5K, 10k, marathon or half marathon. We are looking for people who can motivate others, have a desire to learn about and teach running and walking, and wants to make a difference in people’s lives.




 5k/10K (Spring,Summer and Fall)  8-10 weeks

  • Wednesday or Tuesday evenings 6:00pm (time depends of time of year)– Fleet Feet 
  • Saturday Mornings - Fleet Feet 

Half Marathon Programs (spring and summer) 16 to 19 weeks

  • Wednesday or Tuesday evenings 6:00pm (time depends of time of year)– Fleet Feet 
  • Saturday Mornings - Fleet Feet 


  • Training programs are 6-19 weeks (depending on program)
  • Weekly time commitment is 3-8 hours per week for the duration of a training program
  • Attend group workouts each week per program (1-6 hours – depending on the training program)
  • Beginner and Intermediate Programs 
    • Race/event: 1-2 hours
  • Attendance at periodic coaches meetings, seminars and events


  • Motivate, educate and lead training participants through each group workout
  • Serve as a role model and mentor and always have a positive outl
  • Be respectful of your fellow coaches, participants, and Fleet Feet staff.
  • Arrive to practice and events early; stay through entire practice (dynamic warm-up, workout, and stretching), ensure that a coach (or you) finishes with the slowest participants. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!
  • Coach participants on proper stretching, form, hydration, nutrition and other topics.
  • Answer participant emails throughout the week in a timely manner.
  • Understand and believe in the mission of Fleet Feet Sports and be a good representative and spokesperson for the company.
  • Work with other coaches in pace group to coordinate weekly email communication
  • Work with other coaches to determine each workout’s route (water stop will be determined before workout)
  • Attend the culminating workout/event
  • Relay critical information, suggestions, and concerns to the Coordinator and Training Program Manager


  • Must be a current Fleet Feet Customer
  • Must have a passion for working in the field of running/walking and fitness.
  • Believe in and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Experience working with large groups of people.
  • Public speaking and excellent communication skills.
  • Have successfully completed the goal distance of your program.
  • Must be able to run or walk the pace of the group without struggling.
  • Have the ability to be flexible and to improvise when needed.
  • Be responsible and reliable.
  • Be a team player and foster a positive, non-competitive environment which recognizes varying levels of fitness and the ability of ALL people to accomplish their goals.


Coaches will receive perks and swag dependent on the Training Program, as well as the amazing feeling of knowing you helped someone do what they thought impossible!

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